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nm_colin [userpic]

A New Idea

June 7th, 2010 (07:28 pm)
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current location: Ness Keep
current mood: optimistic

I sigh, looking over the mess I’ve made. It isn’t bad though. Not too bad at least. Well, I can still see parts of the floor.

I decided I needed to update my portfolios. The only problem is deciding which pictures to use. I have so many that I am having a hard time deciding.

While I don’t mind my job at the Ministry, I do want to do more. I still don’t have enough saved for a studio, though maybe I can set out flyers. Or something similar. I know I would like to own my own studio. It was Mum’s dream too, but I am not doing it because of her. I know I want it. Mum never had a chance to have hers, she died young, but I hope to live long enough to reach my dream.

As I look at the scattering of pictures, Tripod comes in. “No, Tripod, stay,” I tell him. He might try to be careful, but I am worried about him wrecking pictures with his nails and the rough pads of his paws.

He pauses and then seems to be trying to find a way to get to me without stepping on anything and I sigh. Stay was never a command he learned well. I think it is the beagle part of him. He looks part beagle and he barks like one. I had actually looked up information about dog breeds after we got him.

I stand up and carefully step toward him, being careful not to step on anything. Just as I reach him, he moves and I trip over him. I stumble and reach for something to keep myself from falling and when I put my hand on the table, I am just successful in knocking things over before I fall.

As soon as I start to right myself, Tripod is on my lap, licking at my face, tail wagging, probably thinking we are playing. I sigh, but pet him back for a minute. “Off,” I tell him and he listens this time, his tail still wagging.

As I get to my feet, I pick up the things that fell, including some of my photography magazines. They often have information about new equipment, one of them being a camera I would love to own one day. They also have stories of photographers and the pictures they have taken. There are tips of photographing in different climates and weather. One of them is open and I see a half page advert catch my gaze. How did I miss this?

They are looking for photos to be in an annual special edition. There are different categories and the winners in the categories win prizes. Finalists and winners also will be published in the annual special edition.

I leap to my feet quickly and look around at all of the pictures scattered around the floor. There are so many to choose from, but ideas are coming to me. The African trip or the ones here in Scotland during the winter. I know pictures can have people, but those pictures are ones that really seem fitting for a contest like this.

Though I’ve been a photographer for as long as I can remember, I have never entered a contest like this before, though I have heard of them. This is one sounds like one I would like. They don’t want anything posed. They want photos of nature, candid shots.

Tripod nudges my leg and I laugh, picking him up. “You troublemaker. I know you didn’t plan this, but how about a treat anyway?” His tail just keeps wagging in answer. I will take him outside to play too, but after that, I will have the hard task of just picking one picture for the contest. I have trouble choosing a few dozen pictures for a portfolio, how will I pick just one for the contest? I suppose I will have to narrow it down to just a few and randomly pick from those.

But first, I have a treat to give Tripod.