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nm_colin [userpic]

Photo Contest Letter

December 7th, 2010 (08:46 pm)

I look through the mail that I got from Dad's. All the muggle mail I might want, I get sent to his house and he saves it or whenever I pick it up. My photography magazines are sent there. This time, there was also a piece that had to be shipped from the States.

I set the piece down on the table then glance through the rest of the mail. Nothing too exciting. Then, I pause, seeing a normal envelope, but the return address is what catches my attention. It is the photo contest I entered months ago.

I open it and read what it says.

Dear Mr. Creevy,

We received many photographs for our contest. It was a difficult decision to choose the finalists.

I look away and sigh. It is probably a rejection, but I should finish the letter.

We are pleased to announce that you are one of these finalists. We enjoyed the photograph and it, along with our other finalists will be show in our magazine. The winners will be announced at the start of the new year and contacted.

The letter goes on to explain what to do if we have questions and to congratulate me on getting this far. I can't help grinning as I skim the rest of the letter. I was hoping for good news, but I didn't want to count on it.

The photo I sent was of Tripod outside by the Loch. It hadn't been planned at all and it turned out well. I will admit, I would like to win the contest, but even being a finalist is quite an honor, especially because I don't enter contests like this. Maybe I should do it more often.

Still pleased, I decide to read one of my magazines until Luna gets home, then I will share it with her.

Pleased, I spend the next hour sitting by the fire with Tripod laying on my feet.