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nm_colin [userpic]

First Snowfall of the Winter

December 8th, 2011 (09:14 pm)
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I carry Tripod up the ladder, which is becoming a lot easier since he doesn’t struggle when I do it anymore.

When I step outside, I stop for a moment, surprised to see that snow is falling. I suppose winter really is here. I know we always get snow here in Scotland, but the first one always surprises me.

Tripod starts to struggle and I set him down, letting him run off. He still sometimes will go out of sight, but he never goes too far. I can always call him back. I don’t blame him. He likes exploring and as long as he leaves the thestrals alone, they leave him alone.

I never know where the winged horses are except when there is snow on the ground. Then I can see hootprints forming where there appears to be nothing. The first few times, I found it unnerving. I still find it strange, but I don’t worry about them. They have not bothered me or anyone else, except for that one time with Tripod. I think he can see them or at least smell them. I did try his collar camera to see if I could see them eventually, but it didn’t work.

I make sure that Tripod isn’t getting into anything, and then hurry back for my camera. I pull the strap over my neck, finding it very familiar. I have a few cameras, but this one is the one I use the most. I don’t even have to think about zooming in or out or which lens to use. It just feels natural.

I come back outside and see Tripod leaning his front legs down, the back legs still straight and his tail wagging, which is one of the poses he uses to play.

I glance around but don’t see what he might be playing with. Then, I notice that in the falling snow, there seems to be a shape forming and my mouth nearly drops open when I see it. It’s a threstral, I am sure of it. I still can’t see all of it, but I can see snow fall on its head and back, making me almost certain it is a horse of some sort. I notice it is also smaller than I first thought it would be.

Realization takes over and I realize it is a young thestral. The thestral seems to move closer to Tripod and Tripod darts away.

Though still surprised to see this, I lift my camera and start to take pictures. I know that it might be hard to tell what Tripod is playing with, but maybe I will get a decent photograph. There is one thing I have learned. Some people take one or two pictures of things. I take many. You are much more likely to get that ‘perfect’ picture.

The thestral shakes and the snow falls off, making it nearly impossible to see it.

I reach the end of my roll of film and hear it start to rewind. Then, I notice how dark it is getting. Yes, winter really is here since it is getting dark much earlier.

“Come on, Tripod. Time to go inside.”

Tripod hesitates, glancing at where I assume the thestral is and then to me.

“Your friend will be able to play again later. Come on.”

This time, Tripod follows me to the shack and I easily pick him up. I should have enough time to develop this roll of film tonight. I’m interested to see what turns up.