Colin Creevey

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

7 April 1981
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Wand: 11 inch Maple Phoenix Feather core
Patronus: Dog
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 176
Hair: Dark blonde/light brown
Eyes: Blue
Hand: Right
Distinguishing marks: Almost always has a camera with him.
Age: 18

I guess I should start with my name. I’m Colin Creevey and I finished my seventh year at Hogwarts. Yep, I am a wizard, which was a shock to my dad. He had no idea what to think about the owls that came. When Dennis got his letters, Dad took it a bit better. He was happy for us too, saying that while his work as a milkman is good honest work, he wanted the best for us.

Hogwarts has been amazing! I met Harry Potter almost immediately after arriving! I told my dad about him in my owls home, but Harry always seemed too busy to sign the pictures I took of him. However, I still think he has to be the best wizard ever. He even defeated He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named!

I am still took pictures, especially of my friends. They usually didn't seem to mind too much, though every now and then they seem to get frustrated. I can’t help it though!

I am on my third camera. My first never worked after I was petrified and before starting my seventh year, my dad gave me the new one as a gift. I like to take pictures, especially wizarding ones, and now that I'm done with school I'm making it into a career. But it doesn't even feel like a job!


I came back to school after the winter holiday. I also helped Luna study, though she's better at it than I am. We had some of her chocolate made to help studying and fell asleep in the library. People started to talk then. However, we kept talking to each other and I even showed her the dark room. Aside from Dennis, she is the only other person who has been there.

I helped Luna test her new invention. Sex truffles. That was quite an experience. Gretchen, a Ravenclaw, started to tease me as well as wrecking some of my film. On Valentine's Day, Luna, Devlin, Vicky, Ginny and I shared firewhiskey in the Room of Requirement. A few days later, I found out Luna was staying there because of how much she has been teased. That day, she also became my girlfriend.

I told Devlin about Luna being my girlfriend. He was surprised I hadn't said anything sooner. It wasn't a surprise. We just hadn't said if we were going to tell others or not. I also confronted Gretchen. She started to tease Luna again because of it, but I thought I had been doing a good thing. Luna insisted I was, because then she also stood up to Gretchen. March was also when we had a spring holiday. I went home and found out my father has a girlfriend! I met her and Dad met Luna.

I turned 18. It was a happy birthday because I stayed in the room with Luna. She also gave me an amazing camera. It is an older one and I was thrilled to have it. Then we spent the rest of the evening together. However, a week after I got the camera, it started to act in a strange way. It took pictures without warning and I can't figure out why.

We spent a lot of time studying for NEWTs and I took pictures. However, I became wary about using the camera that Luna gave me. It started to appear in various places, though I know I hadn't left it there. It also kept taking pictures. On top of that, I heard things when it was around. One major accomplishment was that I got my first job! It was taking pictures of Hannah Abbott so she would have one to give her to boyfriend, Neville.

I took the NEWTs. My Care of Magical Creatures was tough, but I did very well. Then, Luna and I decided to spent one final night together in the room. That was when our relationship became what it is today. All without sex truffles too. Then, we went back home and since Luna wasn't going home, but had no place to stay, Dad said she could stay with us.

I took my apparation test and passed. However, I did it in front of Abby and she got scared. She hadn't known Dennis and I were wizards or that Luna was a witch until then. She broke up with Dad for a bit, but eventually came back. I was happy because she makes Dad very happy. Luna and I also took a trip to the west coast of the United States. We had a wonderful time and I took hundreds of pictures.

Luna and I returned home. I had the pictures to develop and I also took pictures for Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger's wedding. Those turned out well and I sent the pictures to them in an album. Then I got the idea to put my pictures into portfolios to show to people who might want to hire me. I have one for magical photos and one for muggle photographs. I also talked to Dad about my relationship with Luna. He seemed uncertain, but agreed in letting Luna move into my room with me.

Luna and I found a house together, in Loch Ness. It was hard to tell Dad about the two of us moving out and then moving into a house together. Yet, he gave us his blessing. While there is furniture, Luna and I got our own bed. I also managed to find a job! I'm so excited! I am taking pictures of custom brooms and jewelery. It went really well.

Luna and I spent some time together. After the attack on the Quibbler, things were strained between Luna and her father, so I tried to help.

We also had a housewarming party with some of our friends. Even Dad and Abby came.

I also took pictures, of course, and Luna created new inventions, some of them I helped her with.

I traveled to Spain to take pictures of the shops there. I also was offered the chance to do it in other places including France, Germany and the United States. It's been amazing so far!

I proposed to Luna on Christmas Eve and she said yes.
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